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The Visions of Andrzej Kramarz

Our current blog is a place to find new images, not just from the artist, but of photographs Andrzej Kramarz enjoys and wants to share with those who are interested and in the art community. Along with many of the photographs are writings to go along with the images. Just like the artists that Andrzej Kramarz posts on the blog, he too has a vision for his own art work. The connecting factor between all photography projects is the idea of home with many photographs of a room with a bed.

The variety of different kinds of lives and of the objects that collect in those rooms that make up the room itself is a big part of the artist’s ideas. Each object carries some meaning as to what that room is and how it doesn’t exist without the things that are in it. The Trucker photo, for example, shows a velvety, blue curtain that is tied up revealing the bed that is behind it in the cabin. The room is simple with very little objects to indicate how fleeting the home is for someone who travels, and unlike The Trucker photo that is quite simplified is The Circus Wagons where everything is crammed into a small space leaving little room for the occupants. Home is a place where we keep all our things that bring us comfort and some kind of identity and is a retreat.

Two other rooms, The Monk’s Cell and the 1.62m2 are two pictures that include beds but both scenes are completely different. Not only do the objects matter that are collected in rooms, but the way in which their kept is another aspect. The Monk’s Cell, for example, is a room with everything strewn and in disarray from clothes to books and other items while 1.62m2 is a place where everything is organized and simple with just the basics of what is needed. The perspective that the monk’s room is the disorganized one tells the one observing the picture something about the occupant. Maybe the Monk’s room is scattered because his or her mind is the focus, and not the outer world so what really exists is no longer important. The 1.62m2 room is neat and tidy, as it someone doesn’t even live there at all. They come and go with the room just being a place to rest and simplifying the world actually is the way a real Initiate of a spiritual life lives.

The White Chamber photo is extremely distracting with all kinds of religious relics, candles and pictures. There is a bed, but it’s almost hidden by the table in front of it. A place with no rest but of clutter, obsessiveness and of nothing that describes the occupant at all except for their religious beliefs. A Temporary Home shows a room that is on the verge of being dark but is being lit up with promising light from the windows that are barred over. It’s like the emergence of something that comes in slowly.

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