Andrzej Kramarz

The Promised Land

The Promised Land1For 10 months, Andrzej Kramarz, photographer and Polish artist, will be traveling around the US taking pictures. Every week he will post his latest works for all those who follow the artist. Find one you really like? Purchase the artist’s photography and simply pay with your PayPal account. Traveling across the US, Andreu Kramarz is trying a new subject and an interesting one at that. Find out if he’s in your state, keep in touch with the Contact link. Make suggestions of maybe where to go to the artist within the context of your state.

Andrzej Kramarz, from the Things seriesBe sure to direct him towards Las Vegas in Nevada where casino gambling is a cities’ livelihood and has a distinct kind of culture to explore. Artists don’t like to just paint, write and take photographs, everyone seeks fun and exciting activities. Playing roulette or blackjack or to compete in a poker match may be all the fun you need. Gamble on slot machines, a whole other world both in the casinos and online. Find your favorite slot games by theme like cats or rock-n-roll and the list goes on. Take a break from the camera’s clicks and instead enjoy the rush of many voices having fun and letting it all go, and if you’re lucky, take it all in and win those bets.

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That’s what Andrej found out on his trip to Vegas. From the experience he’s taken away a certain vision or observation that can easily be experienced by checking on the blog and seeing his latest pictures. He has taken many interesting compositions and put them together, adding color to certain center points in the picture. There is a feel of technology and broken machine parts coming together. Against the backdrop of the outdoors and the city streets is his canvass with exploratory discussions of objects in the scene that can be seen through his lens. Andrej takes his pictures and adds beauty to the most mundane objects with darker or lighter colors bringing more description to the set. Explore with this artist by keeping up on the blog that is updated weekly. On a mission to see The Promised Land as travel can very inspirational. Travel the States with Andrej as he works his way around the continent with the intent of providing his followers with fresh content every week. New pictures are available for purchase using a PayPal account.