Andrzej Kramarz

Andrzej Kramarz A Piece of Land

Kramarz A Piece of Land1These projects came to be from 2008 to 2009, although they have yet to be uploaded, check back as the site develops, the pictures will be up and running soon! A Piece of Land project is quite different from many of his other photographic collections and commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Second World War. The exhibit shows shameful legacies that lay hidden at various places in Poland. Andrzej attempts to provide a contemporary awareness to the memory of World War II with his A Piece of Land project.

Andrzej Kramarz illustrations1These large photographs along with video are coupled with taped interviews from witnesses from those places and who have the stories and history to complete the images. At the exhibit he will also be featuring work by photographer Stefania Gurdowa whose exhibit is called Negatives are to be Stored. Her ideas for photos came from photo plates that she found in the attic of her house in Poland. The exhibit will be at the Schaefer Gallery in the County of Maui in Hawaii where Andrzej currently lives. The content that Andrzej Kramarz has come out with over the years has proven himself a consistently, productive artist. Producing provocative images with his photography is Andrzej’s lifetime goal. The site includes writings that the artist suggests for understanding his vision and approach to the visual arts. A Piece of Land was one of the exhibits that first put Andrzej into the limelight in his photography career.

Although Andrzej is from Poland, he has also shown a great deal of interest in America too. For 10 months he traveled around the US taking pictures from State to State. People can view these images on the blog and even download or print out the image for purchase. In the academic world, Andrzej has made contributions in all kinds of academic areas and in different organizations as a leading photographer. For those who don’t know a great deal about photography, it is about the thoughts and emotions that are evoked for you while looking at the image. Some of those thoughts and emotions will be positive others will feel negative but it’s important also to look at the coloring, the lighting and shade, the message that the artist is conveying by combining a certain set of props together. Andrzej is not only a photographer but also a photojournalist. He graduated from the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava, in the Czech Republic.

He lectures at the University of Hawaii and at the Community College. He likes to explore the ideas of memory and the relationship it has between people and place. He has done many other projects within his career like spending two and a half years taking eclectic pictures of bizarre collections of objects that he’d find in the flea markets in Krakow. The timeline of Andrzej’s or rather his evolution as an artist has taken many fine turns into more and more interesting content.