Andrzej Kramarz

A popular photography artist from Poland, Andrzej Kramarz1

A popular photography artist from Poland, Andrzej Kramarz, has included a variety of photography projects on this website. Each project includes interesting photos from 1.62m2 of a quilted bed; White Chamber, a religious piece with a table communion feel; Enthusiasts is a luscious lap of burgundy red in a sitting room, most likely British, old-traditional style; Monk’ Cell is a tiny bedroom in disarray; Trucks is the inside of a trucker’s cab; Immigrant’s a living room with everything simple and bare; ancient relics that can only be found now in a Cleopatra slots game. Circus Wagons, another interesting subject shows a sleeping car for circus performers; and finally, a Temporary Room, my personal favorite of a small, Southwestern room with stucco walls and wood window paneling and slats. The light is almost hopeful as it tries to touch all the darker places in the room.

The images will captivate you, they seem to have a reflective quality and include such a strange array of subjects with deep, rich colors. Each photograph has a captivating title to go with it, everything is old and ugly, gloomy, scattered within the photo and evoke a brooding kind of quality. Find other information along with a biography that is extensive and impressive about the artist and his life’s works. The site is a virtual photo shop with engaging projects and also includes other prominent work like A Piece of the Promised Land. Entitled merely, Things, this composition is filled with small metal objects like keys and door handles and silverware against a beautiful Caribbean blue backdrop, the keys are almost in motion like a wave going down into the center of the picture.

The Odessa Transfer is rather stark and devoid of anything worth looking at and the perspective is skewed like you are looking at a scene before you with only your peripheral vision. The photo is of the Black Sea and a quote comes along with it that says, “When you set out on your journey to Ithaca, pray that the road is long (…)” by Constantine P. Cavafy in “Ithaca”, published in 1911. The photo, HDL, although only a picture of a piece of film explores the intricate patterns that make it distinguished and complex, even the different coloring seen within the film is reflective and looks light tiny windows of a large apartment building. A thought-provoking title, The Infinity of Cognition, is a photo of darkness vs. the shadow of a light of a man, the smoke of his cigarette, the uncertainty of what is hanging from his chin and is being pushed with his thumb. Is it a cigarette or something entirely, it’s downright, creepy. Check back regularly to find out more information on what photography projects are coming next. Find talks to attend and photography exhibits where you can go to meet the artist yourself. Curious subjects indeed and enjoyed best by those with a curious and inquisitive eye and mind. Read on the homepage about his philosophy and vision surrounding his work.